Live Ticker - First Day


Welcome to the first day of our SUMMIT OF NEWTHINKING 2012 on Open Strategies!

In this post you will find some information during the first day of the conference. We will give some impressions for those who can't attend today, share pictures and inform you about changes in the program or other organizational things.

We'll also post updates on twitter, so you might want to follow us there and check the hashtag #son12 from time to time!

Please find the program changes at the end of this post!


After an introduction by Andreas Gebhard, CEO of newthinking, the conference has started with a key note by Karl-Heinz Strassemeyer:


The program at the 5 stages started with talks and workshops:

15:00 Some impressions from the talks and workshops:

This is Stefan Wehrmeyer, talking about "Bundes-Git - nerdig und notwendig":

Matteo Cassese asked: How much radical openness does innovation need? Intimacy vs. Openness Deathmatch:

Bram de Vries talked about 3D printing and idealism:

Jürgen Neumann and Tuomo Tammenpää presented OHANDA - Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance:



There was an "Urban Mining" workshop by Miquel Ballester Salva from fairphone, where everyone could "destroy" a mobile phone and look at all the different components, to better understand how a phone looks like and which materials are used for which purpose. Here's an impression:


16:15 "The power of open - 10 Jahre Creative Commons" - Markus Beckedahl summarizes the history of Creative Commons and shares some interesting facts and stories:

17:15 Last talk today: Sam Muirhead tells us about the first 100 days of his project "Year of Open Source" - great insights. By trying to make every aspect of his life "open" for one year, Sam is showing the practical side of the idea behind open source.


From 6-11 pm there is a public 'Get Together' at the STATION-Berlin where everyone is welcome to enjoy a drink and talk!



Program Changes:

  • Markus Beckedahl and Yannick Haan change their times, which means that Yannick Haan will speak at 12:00 and Markus Beckedahl will speak at 15:30.
  • There will be a surprise talk with Ele Jansen and Jordan Bryon from 14:00 until 14:30 in the open space!
  • cancelled: HOW OPEN TOOLS CAN SAVE THE NEWSROOM by Adam Thomas.
  • cancelled: 3D-Druck - Personal Manufacturing by Lambert Grosskopf (Friday 10:30)