The second day of the SUMMIT OF NEWTHINKING is about to start at the STATION-Berlin. Just like yesterday, there are many interesting talks and workhops waiting for you. It might be difficult to decide between all of them, but thanks to the open architecture it's easy to get an overview of what is happening at the moment. We're going to post some impressions on this page again and you will find all changes in the program at the end of this page!

Don't forget to follow us on twitter, follow the speaker list and check what's happening via the hashtag #son12!



Give instant Feedback on talks and workshops! There is an application, that is part of a research project about location based media and how these can contribute to the quality of the surroundings. How it works:

Scan the QR code below (or find it at the conference). If you already have an augmented reality browser, you can use this one. If not, you'll be directed to Junaio. Open the app and chose "VOTE" - then fill in your name, select the talk/workshop and rate it to give instant feedback to the speaker. In the browser you can also see the ratings of other talks and how they change in real time.

Try it out:



We're starting the conference with the following talks: Michael Gräfenstedt on "Open Innovation, Social Responsibility and Blue Chip Company. Kann das gehen?" (Open Innovation Track), Jan Wildeboer with "The Road to Open" (Open Business), Emma Prest with her talk "Visualising information for advocacy" (Open Data Track) and Markus Edgar Hormeß with "The search for the Rock'n'Roll in education -or- design thinking meets Open Education".



At the LaOS Laser workshop, you can learn about Laser cutting. LaOS Laser do not build laser cutters but convert existing machines by replacing the driver board with their own. Find out more on their website!

In the pictures below you see how the machine looks like. You can use nearly anything that is flat, just like the back of a mobile phone:



The talks are being recorded and we'll upload them in about two weeks. So if you missed something, stay tuned!



On the tables you find the QR-codes that bring you to an application where you can rate talks and give feedback. Try it out, it's an augmented reality app that shows the results of each track in realtime!


lunch break with catering by Kochzeichen D starts at 13:00, but for those who are already hungry... this is what you can choose from:



Elizaveta Barsegova: "Everybody is a maker"!

If you have two hands, us them to create something! - Elizaveta is also holding a DIY workshop on how to make your own origami wallet, starting at 14:30. Join and find out how to do it.



Ben Scott: "the politics and policy of an open internet."

DIY-workshop: Origami Open Wallet:


Workshop by Tim Schikora: open innovation tools that will help you do a better job.


Ulrike Höppner und Michael @mspro Seemann sprechen über die Bedeutung von Plattformneutralität:


Fabienne @fbz Serrière says: “it's not "release early and release often" - it's "release always!". She tells us about open hardware, the challenges and her own open hardware projects and learnings:



One of the last talks for today...

Patrick Breitenbach spricht über den radikalen Konstruktivismus als Werkzeug:



This was the SUMMIT OF NEWTHINKING 2012! We would like to thank everyone who helped making it happen, the newthinking Team, the Chairs of the 5 tracks, the speakers for their great insights and the Kochzeichen D Team for the delicious vegetarian food! Thanks a lot to all participants for sharing their passion about open strategies and for being open to new ideas!

We're happy about so many shared stories, good conversations and hands-on workshops that we had inside our "biggest workshop room in the world" during the last two days. The sound system we chose worked as planned, and the open architecture of the room helped with the orientation and gave a good overview.

The cooperation with the Beyond Fashion Summit 2012 was a good decision - bringing people from the fashion industry into the same venue as people with an IT background and giving them the chance to meet, was very inspiring. All in all, there were 500 people attending the two events.

Thanks again for coming! Your feedback on the event is always welcome.

This was just the beginning. We're already looking forward to seeing you all again at the Summit of newthinking 2013!


Program changes:

  • Lambert Grosskopf: 3D-Druck - Personal Manufacturing has been cancelled
  • New talk by Magdalena Reiter: Open Design - Wirtschaften mit freien Produkten
  • The talk by Daniel Dietrich "Freier Zugang zu Kultur!" has been cancelled -->
  • 14:30 - 15:30 (instead of Daniel Dietrich) there will be the workshop by John H. Weitzmann: P2PU School of open Workshop