Collapsing Moments - Failure-driven Debugging of Intuition


In everyday life we are used to rely on what we know - thoughts, feelings, actions. As long as everything is in flow that works fine. But what happens in case of doubt or - even worse - failure? Moments of doubt or failure are collapsing. In order to achieve an idea of doing the right thing at the right moment some creative break is needed. Free space to let intuition take over and enable us to make decisions.

Intuition might help us to find the right decision, but what happens if a decision turns out to be a mistake? Stretching that thought farther - can we use failure to debug our intuition? How would that work and what circumstances would be needed to enable that process?

This talk will be about sharpening instincts to open up the potentials of the moment. It is about distilling the good out of what is collapsing in the moment - past, memory, future prospects, feelings, dreams, knowledge, learnings, thoughts, dear people, craving, moving, experiences, infractions, loneliness, tears, perception, fear, scars, reflections, patterns and habits.