Creative thinking in the oil industry - how opening the world of oil contracts could change the game


Traditionally, the oil industry is known as being incredibly secretive. But, it turns out, secrecy goes hand in hand with corruption, and both of these are bad for business. The tide is turning, even in the oil and gas industry, and contract transparency is emerging as a global best practice. But, once these contracts are out in the open, what do we do with them?

In our latest project, we've borrowed a collaborative writing procedure known as a booksprint borrowed from the open source technology world and on October 28th we will bring together a group of world class experts together to write a book on how to understand oil contracts, from start to finish in just one week.

By the time of the newthinking summit, the booksprint will be completed and, we hope, the finished book ready for publication. What did we learn from the week long event? How will this book help encourage transparent business in the oil industry? We hope it will be the basis for a series of trainings across more than 30 countries where these issues are incredibly relevant today.