FASHION RELOADED - How open source tactics can change the fashion game


Fashion and open source is an equally contradictory as perfectly matching couple. It's an industry hard to imagine without copycats and trends leading to the millionfold reproduction of designs.  Meanwhile it's a world of smoke and mirrors, hidden somewhere behind those glassesof Karl Lagerfeld.

Alongside the growth of the D.I.Y movement and participatory design initiatives, this magic box is turned inside-out and opens up to users as fashionistas to go from passive consumerism to a collaborative process.

How can open source tactics change the fashion game?

Cecilia Palmer will show and tell about  her own work with the open source fashion label Pamoyo and the participatory event series Fashion Reloaded, and presenting some of the most
intriguing projects, people and labels currently working in this field.

This presentation will talk about creative commons, participation, the blueprints of fashion design, how open fashion can help clean up one of the dirtiest businesses on earth and why fashion designers should wish for their consumers to become makers.