It is more than likely that you own a mobile phone that you no longer use. In German households there are more than 80 million mobile phones lingering in cupboards and drawers and not being recycled. These mobile phones contain valuable materials that could be recycled and reused. From 20,000 units, more than £20,000 worth of value could be recovered. It's like mining, but in the city!

Do you want to know what your mobile phone contains? Where the materials come from? What are the social issues around mining them? JOIN US at the urban mining workshop!

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to dismantle a mobile phone. Bash it, hammer it, and get the smallest piece out! We give you the tools, the phones and the stories behind each component and each material...

In the space of an hour we hope to have hundreds of components on the table and a deeper insight into where they come from.

This workshop is brought to you by the FairPhone Initiative. A dutch venture that strives to bring a fairer mobile phone to the market. A mobile phone in which every part is produced and used without causing harm to people or planet. From mining to recycling.