Fabienne "fbz" Serrière

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Fabienne "fbz" Serrière is a French/American open source hardware evangelist living in Berlin. She founded and continues to run an event http://hardhack.org for hands-on hardware hacking, and currently works as a sysadmin at SysEleven in Berlin. Her interests include radical transparency of hardware and product development for the hope and lulz and the future of humanity. Her hobby is collecting hobbies. Last year she worked on reverse engineering the living daylights out of the
Brother KH930 knitting machines. This year she worked on testing, documenting, and teaching antenna construction designs for the rtl-sdr series of dongles to listen to satellites and various other things in the sky above us. She is currently co-building an automated Orchidarium built into an antique case, and building her third DIY 3D printer.